Written on
May 18, 2020

Welcome to our new identity

Welcome to our new identity

Isn’t She a Beauty?

Optimum Voyage has got a new look together with an updated logo, color scheme, and a brand new website. We have put a lot of effort into it and we all satisfied with the result. ‍

Our updated logo

The old logo was created at the start of Optimum Voyage in 2016 and as we have grown and developed our brand over the years, we felt like the old logo and identity didn't really do the job anymore, and therefore decided to go with a fresh start.

Our new identity has been designed to communicate what the Optimum Voyages brand is about -  and it comes together with a brand new website.

The new website contains more information about each of our services and we have added a FAQ for each service as well. ‍

We hope you like the result and we looking forward to further update our visual presence in the future.‍