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January 6, 2020

Optimum Voyage appoints Commercial Director

Optimum Voyage appoints Commercial Director

Optimum has appointed Mathias Nyman Rasmussen as Commercial Director. Mr. Rasmussen comes from a position as Vice President at GreenSteam. Prior to that, Mr. Rasmussen has held various managerial positions at both GreenSteam and Clipper Bulk subsidiary COACH Solutions.

Martin Hjorth Simonsen, co-founder and Technology Director, says: “I am very pleased that we are able to bring on Mathias to accelerate the growth of Optimum Voyage to become a major player in the market for Voyage Optimization. Mathias has a proven track record, high ambitions and valuable commercial experience from the industry which makes him the perfect match for our set up.

I am very excited to become a part of Optimum Voyage” says Mathias Nyman Rasmussen. “The company has spent several years developing a next-generation weather routing service, which enables customers to obtain significant fuel savings due to an advanced algorithmic approach. We have an ambitious growth plan which we are now ready to execute. The solution is ready to scale and clients can obtain fuel savings from day one”  

Mr. Rasmussen will be working out of our Copenhagen office.  

About Optimum Voyage:

Optimum Voyage is a weather routing service that optimizes voyages for all types of vessels. The service takes all parameters into account and is on average simulating hundreds of thousands of route variations for each voyage. This gives owners and operators the most fuel-efficient routes for their controlled vessels.  

Optimum Voyage was established in 2016.  

Find out more about Optimum Voyage at www.optimumvoyage.com or contact us at info@optimumvoyage.com