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Route Optimisation

Whether you have a fixed or flexible arrival we provide the most economical route, always with safety in focus. With flexible arrival we provide an easy overview of the cost implications for different times of arrival.

Every ship model is tailored, based on the information available - and improved continuously as we receive noon reports and the systems get to know the ship.

  • Arrival time optimisation

  • Fixed arrival optimisation

  • Daily optimised voyage update

  • Daily report and weather animations

  • Direct communication with the ship

  • End of voyage performance report

Performance Analysis

During a voyage or after having arrived we provide you with an easy overview of performance. We correlate good weather days and reported performance numbers to give you an easy overview of over- or under performance.

  • Performance report

  • Weather animations

  • Assistance in identifying potential good weather days


Post Voyage Report

A full report for finalised voyages providing an overview of good and bad weather days and corresponding performance.

  • Post voyage report

  • Encountered weather animations

  • Good/bad weather day analysis

  • Charter party compliance

  • Inclusion of noon reports

  • Time loss and fuel over/under consumption calculation