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We are servicing vessels and clients worldwide from our global offices

Why choose us?

At Optimum Voyage, we are passionate about weather routing and optimization. We see enormous potential in applying modern technologies towards achieving the most optimal routing of ships.

Route optimization is one of the most direct ways for ship owners and operators to reduce overspending on voyages, both financially and environmentally. This is part of what makes it rewarding to work with and to deliver to our clients worldwide. 

We pride ourselves in staying open-minded and will always listen to our clients' feedback, requests and good ideas. 

Optimum Voyage was founded in 2016 and spent the first years perfecting voyage optimization and are continually improving and expanding our methods and solutions

  • Latest routing algorithms which increases saving potential
  • Dedicated team to serve both Vessels and Operators
  • Proven track record of obtained savings
  • Independent and a privately held

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