Voyage Evaluation

Complete Voyage Evaluation

Post voyage reports provide an easy overview of finalized voyages with insights into analyzed weather, reported bunker consumption and early identification of any potential good weather days in case of suspected underperformance

  • Voyage cost and ship performance are analyzed
  • Full animations of encountered weather on the voyage
  • Good/bad weather day analysis

A full report for finalised voyages providing an overview of good and bad weather days and corresponding performance.

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Applicable vessel types

All vessel types

Frequently Asked

Collection of questions our clients ask us most frequently

Does the module take different Charter Party clauses into account?

Yes. We are able to include all specifics of any Charter Party Agreement into the evaluation.

Are Optimum Voyage able to reconstruct an exceuted voyage in order to make a post-optimization

Yes, we can reconstruct all voyages - even voyages we have not routed. We are using all available data for the reconstruction and the outcome is a comparison report which shows the exact difference in both fuel consumption and voyage cost.

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