Next-generation voyage optimization


Advanced optimization algorithms do all the heavy lifting to make sure you consistently save on voyage costs while keeping your vessels safe

Our services are available to all vessel types for both operators and owners


Route Optimization

Optimizing your voyages daily to maximize your profits


Performance Analysis

Get a clear picture of how your ship performs during and after voyages


Post Voyage Report

Get an expert analysis of your voyage performance


Achieving the most cost-effective voyage through constantly changing weather is a complex task that involves an infinity of solutions, where the optimum route can present itself as counter-intuitive.


At Optimum Voyage, we rely on advanced optimization algorithms that intelligently weigh critical factors such as voyage time, fuel & hire costs and safety to deliver the best set of waypoints and optimal speeds. For every voyage, more than 500.000 route variations created specifically for your vessel and tested to make sure you save even that last percent.

Even with the best tools available, handling forecasted weather is difficult, as uncertainties in weather grow with forecast time. Our system automation enables us to accommodate weather uncertainties by bringing you a freshly updated route optimization every single day during voyages. This way you avoid meeting any surprises in weather, and the constant fine-tuning of routes makes sure you realize the full potential of your voyages.


All our services are algorithm-based. This ensures you get a consistent experience across all our services. All calculations and analyses are run on powerful servers and every result is controlled and commented by our experienced team before it is sent to you.


For ease of use and easy implementation, our services do not require any hardware or software installations. We work with your specific amount of data and tailor the best possible service for every ship and voyage.


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