We offer a broad range of services

Dynamic ETA

AI powered ETA prediction module with high accuracy

Weather Routing & Optimization

Whether you have a fixed or flexible arrival we provide the most economical route, always with safety in focus

Increase your profitability by optimizing ALL voyage parameters

Speed Optimization

Speed Optimization module provides additional savings by generating a complete speed profile for the voyage

Actively use the speed range for best weather positioning

Voyage Evaluation

A full report for finalized voyages providing an overview of good and bad weather days and corresponding performance

Voyage cost and ship performance are analyzed

Voyage Analysis Report / Performance Analysis

During a voyage or after having arrived we provide you with an easy overview of performance.

Comprehensive Performance reports with detailed voyage evaluation
Optimum Speed

Optimum Speed guidance is an integral part of our service in order to maximize savings

Continuous Optimization

Daily updates to ensure vessels are always on the most optimum voyage even as the weather changes

24/7 monitoring

We have a comprehensive monitoring system and support team in place to assist your vessels 7 days a week

Customized ship models

Customized performance models for each vessel allows for higher savings and more accurate predictions

Our promise to

We wish to create an environment and belief that we will always meet promises given to our clients. It demonstrates our commitment to providing your business with the highest quality of communication, service, and support. 

We want to stay dynamic and ensure we deliver to our clients’ needs and wishes.Listening to your needs and staying curious is imprinted in the core of our DNA and we always strive towards an open dialogue.  

These elements infuse every aspect of how we do business; from our ethos to the training of our employees and the development of our relationship with our clients.

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Operational updates and voyage optimization

As part of our weather routing service all voyages have a full optimization run on a daily basis using latest forecasted weather, and an update is provided to the master


Reduce the risk to crew, cargo and vessel from adverse weather

Cost savings

Route and Speed optimization based on actual market conditions and vessel performance