Speed Optimization

Speed Optimization

Our optimization algorithms have speed optimization build directly into them.

  • Actively use the speed range for best weather positioning
  • Minimize bunker consumption by optimizing speed
  • Integrated part of our weather routing

Our speed optimization algorithms are an integrated part of our weather routing that helps unlock savings and increases safety. Avoiding heavy weather by only route deviations may increase bunker voyage costs unnecessarily. Adding the extra dimension of optimizing speed simultaneously a whole new level of savings is unlocked.


When arrival is flexible there is a large potential in selecting the best speed at an early stage to minimize voyage costs, while considering both hire and bunker costs.

a)      Weather conditions (Wind, waves,swell, currents etc)

b)      Voyage Specific Parameters (Hire- and fuel cost, Departure information etc)

c)      Vessel’s specifications ( Minimum RPM etc)

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Applicable vessel types

All vessel types

Frequently Asked

Collection of questions our clients ask us most frequently

Is the speed optimization applicable when ETA is fixed?

The Speed optimization is applicable for all voyages. For fixed ETA there is still great value in using both speed and route for the optimal weather positioning.

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